Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Snippet on Faith

(I’m trying to organize my thoughts to write the section of my book on faith, works, righteousness, and grace.)

Everybody has some kind of faith. Faith is whatever you base your life upon, and everybody bases his life upon something. Even one who believes life is meaningless lives according to that faith.

To acquire Christian faith is to shift your life off of whatever had been its foundation (usually I, me, myself, and mine) onto a new foundation, Christ. Christian faith, then, is more than belief, more than belief plus trust, more even than belief plus trust plus good works. It involves all of those, but Christian faith, most profoundly, is a new identity out of which you operate.

And it isn’t good for anything unless it really is your “operating system.” An operating system that does not operate is – what? It’s nothing at all. Or it’s at best an hypothesis, a mental construct, an abstraction, something imaginary.