Friday, November 9, 2007

Is This a Good or a Bad Thing?

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Hat tip: Elizabeth at The Garden Window. Her blog is College Level, Undergrad. What's yours?


DebD said...

I got Jr. high level too.

Dixie said...

Alas, after 25+ years of experience in writing corporate procedures, reports and other documentation with the intent of being understood at the 8th grade level, it is no surprise my blog was rated Junior High. I am thinking if I post massive quotes from Energetic Processions (who tested out at post-college, post doc or something like that) I might be able to elevate my rating to at least high school...but then I won't necessarily be able to understand what I have posted!!!! ;D

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

That's what I learned in the corporate environment, too, Dixie.

At first this readability level rather hurt my feelings! I said to myself, "I can't even write at adult level? And here I've been an adult for almost four decades?"

Then I began thinking... One person left a comment on Orrologion, where my series on free will was re-published, saying it would take him months to digest all this. And I intend, from time to time, to present more such issues that aren't necessarily so easy to absorb; you know, the "paradigm shift" stuff. So then I thought perhaps it's good thing not to make that any harder by readability issues....

??? I don't know!