Monday, November 5, 2007

Hint from Helen

For all you husbands: how long since you gave your wife a gift "for no reason"? I mean not on your wedding anniversary, or her birthday, or other such observances.

I'm not sure men understand how much value wives put upon such a gift. It need not be anything more than a box of candy, or even just one chocolate bar. I can be flowers or a pretty vase or a scarf or a pretty piece of custume jewelry, which you can get for under $20. An "I love you" card you custom make on your computer will also fill the bill.

Avoid anything expensive! An expensive gift given for no reason (except during courtship)is apt to seem suspicious.

It doesn't really even matter all that much if she LIKES the scarf or vase or jewelry (though that outcome is obviously to be preferred!). She will still treasure it. This is a case of it literally being the thought that counts. That you thought of her during your busy day, and in such a way as to wish to give her a gift, will mean all the world to her.

You'll be glad you did!

P.S. Are men that way, too? Should we wives be doing the same?