Monday, September 28, 2009

Goodbye for Now

Back in two weeks!

Here's a map of Ormskirk, Lancashire, the little town of which we hope, by the end of this week, to be part-time residents.  We are going there to complete the very long process of purchasing a flat.

You can enlarge the map enough to see individual cars and even people.  Or if you have greater interest, click on the link below to see a larger map, then a tab appears at the top of the larger map, called "More."  Clicking that allows you to display a few photos of the place.  (Some of them appear as very tiny squres.  Mouse over them until you get the pointing forefinger icon, then click.)  Or if you choose to view it in Google Earth, you can see all sorts of other stuff, such as where restaurants, pubs, and certain stores are.

I've been studying the map to try to get my bearings a little before we arrive there tomorrow morning.  Fun!

Oh, yes - the marker in Southport shows where our hotel is (because that is where our solicitors are); the others in surrounding areas outside of Ormskirk are Orthodox churches.

View Ormskirk, Lancahsire, England in a larger map


DebD said...

Save travels...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Safe journeys, and have loads of fun !

Michelle M. said...

Have a good trip!

Dixie said... for Obama and then leave the country! ;)

Kalo taxidi! And have a GREAT time in the UK