Monday, September 21, 2009

One of Our Heroes

This afternoon, as I sat in the cardiologists' waiting room, awaiting my 6-months check-up, I picked up a local magazine.  I suppose it must have been a complimentary copy, because when I had flipped three pages, I saw this ad, featuring guess who?  Our cardiologist.

So I scanned it for you.

Dr. Kapadia (born here but his family is from India) is a hero to us.  He saved Demetrios' life the time Demetrios had what I still call his "heart attack."  A heart attack, by definition, causes damage to the heart, and Dr. Kapadia caught this one before that happened, so technically it's not a heart attack my husband had; it's a prevented one.

I went into the emergency room the same day with severe chest pains.  There was nothing wrong with me at the time; it was just sympathy pains, psychological. The atrial fibrillation wasn't discovered until some time afterwards, but anyway, that's how Dr. Kapadia became my cardiologist as well.

And I passed the six-month check-up with high marks, thank you very much.  There have been no "episodes" since Dr. Kapadia did the cardioversion.


elizabeth said...

Very cool and I am glad your heart health is good!

GretchenJoanna said...

What a good story. Glad you shared about someone worthy of honor.

margaret said...

So goodlooking too!