Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yom Kippur

Today is the Jewish High Holy Day of Atonement.  It begins at sunset.  They have a well-loved hymn sung on this day, the Kol Nidre, which means "All Vows."  It's a prayer for  release from any vows made to God and left unfulfilled.  Sometimes, especially since World War II, it has come to refer especially to baptismal vows made under duress.  I think the hymn is quite beautiful, and except for a certain plaintive quality some say is characteristic of Jewish music, it reminds me some of Russian Orthodox chant.  Go here to hear a very good recording of it.


Brandon said...

Here is a beautiful track of Kol Nidre you can sing to on Yom Kippur (I know it's a little late, but maybe next year):

Kol Nidre Accompaniment Track at