Monday, October 26, 2009

And What Did You Do While We Were Away?

That's what my daughter and I, and my son-in-law and little Sydney asked Demtrios last night, about 10:30 or so, after we had told him all about our weekend in Washington.  Jeff ran the Marine Marathon and finished in three hours, 40 minutes.  And we saw Mom and Wendy and Mike and Daniel and Lizzie and Tisho and Stuart, and Carol Snitzer.  We all had dinner together, that's our news.  So what did you do, Demetri?

Not much.  He phoned a dozen of his closest friends and invited them here to dinner tonight to help celebrate his name day, that's all.

So I'll tell you more tomorrow!  Gotta run to the grocery store now.

At least it's good for a laugh, huh?

Happy Feast of St. Demetrios, the Holy Great Martyr!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Many, Many Years to Demetrios !
Have fun at the dinner party !

DebD said...

Nothing like a little surprise dinner party - for the hostess! I'm sure it will be wonderful. Congratulations to Jeff! and Many years to Demetrios.

elizabeth said...

LOL! That's great! Blesssed Feast!!! Many Years.