Monday, October 19, 2009

Visit to My Children and Grandchildren

Friday I drove down to North Carolina to see my children and grandchildren as well as to attend the masquerade Mark and Katherine (son nd daughter-in-law were throwing. I love costume parties!

Mark and Katherine's daughter, Kelly, wasn't feeling very well, so with regret I put off seeing her and her brothers until next trip. Only got a glimpse of the twins. Ryan and Connor have decided they do not want separate beds and they both sleep in Ryan's. When some of us tiptoed in to see them, Connor had his arms around Ryan's waist and his head on Ryan's rump, for a pillow. Adorable!

Here are some pictures from the party. We only took 271 of them! Clicking any of them will make them screen-sized.

Here we are, ready to leave the house. Erin is a witch, Jeff is a gangster pimp, and I'm a nun.

It's worth clicking this one, to be able to read Jeff's "grill".

Erin with Sydney, ready for bed, very tired, and not at all sure she likes seeing her mom look this scary.

Our host and hostess, Mark and Katherine, aka Vampire and Vampire's Bride

Erin displaying her dress. It left a trail of pink and black feathers all over the house.

Mark, the Vampire, as Gracious Host

Katherine, my daughter-in-law, with me

Tasting Tequila, worst stuff I ever drank. No, I didn't take more than 2 sips!

Best Costume. This woman, in reality, is only in her late thirties. Katherine didn't recognize her when she walked in the door.

Mummy-wrapping contest. I got to wrap Gilligan, and I thought we should have won, but I was a nun, for heaven's sake, and he was married, and we never thought of adding the cardboard roller to the strategic spot.


margaret said...

You know, if that apostolnik-thingie had been all black you would look like Mother Maria of Paris.

elizabeth said...

Love it. I think this is the first picture I have seen of you. You look good as a nun, I must say.

What a lovely time you had! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Your posts so often do me a world of good! Thanks!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You certainly had a great time ! Thanks for sharing the photos.
I've never tasted tequila, LOL. Don't think I want to, now......

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

You are both so kind.

Mother Maria! Oh, my. May the Lord grant me some day to begin to resemble her inwardly!

Steve Robinson said...

Straight Tequila shots and nuns don't mix, for sure. It has to be mixed with lime juice, a shot of Triple Sec and crushed ice with coarse salt on the rim of the glass (lemons are right out...) That is "habit forming" :)

Michelle M. said...

That is great :) You guys look like you had such fun.