Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So Much for That Line of Argument

The sheers in our sunroom have never been pressed. The turmoil, the frustration, the sheer agony of getting them in the first place left us unwilling to do anything but take them out of their packages and hang them. I was hoping the wrinkles would "fall out" of them over time, with the help of gravity and humidity, but no such luck. A steamer didn't do anything, either.

So today I took down 8 of them (out of 36, I think) and pressed them, for a start.

I had to stand up on a chair and unscrew the ends of the curtain rods and slip the curtains off and back on again. "It's not worth the trouble it takes to do this!" I muttered, grumpily, as the tightening screw slipped from my fingers and rolled across the floor to its undisclosed location.

"Oh, but it is!" said Demetrios. "My love, look. This one looks so much better! Much, much better, just look! The sides are a little rough; I don't know why, but overall, it's a big improvement."

I just smiled at him. "The sides are rough because that's one of the curtains I haven't pressed yet."

I may not, either, because just as I said that, the whole bracket came loose from the wall.