Friday, October 2, 2009

Kindness, kindness, kindness!

Mrs. Williams, from whom we bought this flat, left us some gifts. 

First thing we noticed when we walked into our new home-in-England was silk flowers on the dining table.  The next thing was brand new, fluffy, white towels in the bathroom, and a matching white bath rug.  Then we noticed the four candles and candle holders, and the glass dolphins statuette.  But you won't believe what else this dear woman thought of!  Just about everything on my list!  An iron and ironing board, a Hoover (vacuum cleaner) with extra bags, ladder, 5 rolls of toilet tissue along with a brand new toilet plunger, (everything on this list being brand new, in fact), paper towels in holder, mugs on a mug tree that match the decor of the flat, a dish drainboard, a drawer divider thingy (caddy) for cutlery, a dish brush, a plastic washtub, all kinds of toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, dish soap, household spray cleaner), two bowls of potpourri, a small space heater, an electric tea kettle, a broom, a hand broom with dustpan, several hand-crocheted doilies, probably made by her mother, sheets and pillow cases for the beds... I can't think of what all else right now.  I burst into tears. 

On the practical level, this makes things so very much easier, but that's a temporary effect.  The permanent, eternal effect, is to touch our hearts so deeply.  W cannot get over the kindness of the people here.  Our hearts are profoundly grateful.

I'm keeping a travel diary, as always, and will post it if and when I ever get Internet connection again around here...


DebD said...

that is truly a beautiful things she did. What a blessing.

elizabeth said...

that is really really lovely! Thank God!

I love your travel diaries and look forward to reading them!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a lovely, thoughtful and generous lady !
It must have made your first few days so much easier and pleasant !