Saturday, January 30, 2010

God Rest Her Soul

Pantalakis, a grade school friend of Demetrios', called us today to tell us his mother reposed last Saturday. She was a very dear woman, who a couple of years ago told Demetrios, "I have always been your second mother, and I still am!"

Her name was Aspasia (Ah-spa-SEE-ah). She was feeling very good. She was sitting in her daughter's living room, where the family had assembled, and they were having a lively conversation and when they turned to her for her opinion, she had slipped away.

She was 95 years young.

Memory eternal, Kyria Aspasia!


margaret said...

Memory eternal, Kyria Aspasia. What a nice way to go, she was very blessed.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Yes, isn't that a good way to die!

elizabeth said...

Memory Eternal!

s-p said...

Those were my first thoughts too... a peaceful ending to our life. God has blessed her.

Genevieve said...

A peaceful way to repose...Glory to God that she was also with friends. Memory eternal, and May God give you his love and peace regarding her passing.