Wednesday, January 13, 2010

(Nearly) No Words Needed

The above video is worth stopping a few times, as some of the pictures go by very quickly. Note Pope at minute 4:17 and nearly nude dancers at 4:37, with a cardinal in the background.


Genevieve said...

This is sad...and yes, a reason some do not come to church anymore.

fadedmirror said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the words at the end. To paraphrase The Incredibles, if anything can become "sacred", then nothing will be held sacred.

I do take exception to a couple of the photos -- I went to Catholic school, and when we held Mass, the only two places that could hold the entire student body were the bleachers in the gym or the fold-out seats of the auditorium. When on retreat or a service week, sometimes the best we could do was a folding table in a cabin or outside near the campfire. The beauty of the minimalist Catholic liturgy was that it could be celebrated reverently just about anywhere, from a cathedral to the hood of a Jeep -- if one put the effort into it.

It looks like many have just stopped making the effort.