Saturday, January 9, 2010

Touching Base

Nothing going on here. The squirrels are a constant source of amusement and do not require anything more than daily feeding and cleaning. Dingbat is peacefully hibernating, requiring no care at all, except every other day I still poke gently to see if s/he is still alive.

Demetrios is reading Malachi Martin's The Jesuits and is already thoroughly shocked at the end of Chapter One, at all the things, mostly secular, with which the Jesuits have involved themselves, and the scale upon which they've don it.

Only thing I've been reading, and it isn't really reading, is knitting patterns. I've decided to do one more of my signature lace blankets, two-ed. That is, there will be a gossamer layer in white knitted into a solid but textured background in some bright color. There are no patterns for such things; you have to design your own or adapt someone else's. So I've been looking for ideas. Whee - look what I've found!

I'd love to know which of these you like (if any) and why.

Sorry, I have a one-track mine and this is all that's in it right now. That and taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations.


Sarah in Indiana said...
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Sarah in Indiana said...

Hello Anastasia, I have come here from a link on Emily's blog. It was lovely meeting you in Fort Wayne at the Chrismation.

I am a knitter, too. I like the last lace the best, I think. I like how it looks like leafy vines.

All of the other laces shown are lovely as well, but that's the one that particularly jumps out at me. Is there a pattern for it online?

(I deleted the previous comment and re-posted because one of the sentences didn't make sense)

Anam Cara said...

To me the top one is most pleasing, although I am hard pressed to say why. Some of the others design seems too open or too crowded. The top was Goldilocks - Just Right!

Anam Cara said...

Looking again - that's knitting and not crochet? WOW!

DebD said...

Anastasia - I like the first and the last ones the best.

Monica said...

I like the first and the last ones too. The first one the best, because it echoes a vestment pattern, maybe - and is balanced. I don't like the pink or blue ones because they are too "spider-webby" for my tastes. The last one makes me think of upside down shethes (sp) of wheat, which is kinda cool.

elizabeth said...

I love the first one! a sense of largeness admist the very organized beauty... really lovely!

Emily H. said...

The last one. It's reminds me of flowing water or wheat bending in the wind. I always like visual patterns that you can bend your mind around.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Thanks to each of you for your input. It does influence me, too; I've elimated the middle laces.

Sarah, it was wonderful meeting both of you at the chrismation, and it's nice to stay in touch, too!

Anam, that last lace is a very old, traditional pattern called, "Print O' The Wave." The version of it I show here is available for free IF you buy the yarn from a certain company - for a hundred dollars or so! The only other one I've found on-line that's really free is here:

And it's lovely, but not quite as lovely as this one, a bit less fancy.

Yup, it's knitting, not crochet. I love both, but to get anything this delicate in crochet you have to use very thin threads, and I prefer to work with thicker stuff.

Thanks again, everybody! Your opinions really do matter to me and do help!

orrologion said...

I've been wanting to read Malachi Martin's "The Jesuits" for years. Perhaps it's just my penchant for tomes. I remember mentioning the term jesuitical to a RC friend of my wife's who was shocked there could be such a word; to her, Jesuits were just really smart guys that did good stuff for people and the Church. I have to admit it's one of my favorite words - I think I saw it in Shakespeare first. I was actually married in a Polish RC church dedicated to a young Jesuit, Stanislaus Kostka, which had a had a nice icon of the Theotokos of Czestochowa (in RC hands now, but originally Ukrainian and Orthodox).