Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Partial Outline for My Next Book

Title: Hearts Aflame
Subtitle: My Our Marriage,a Systematic Presentation A Full and Systematic Exposition

I. The Existence of True Love

A. Proofs from Scripture
B. Proofs from Philosophy
1. Movement
2. Time
3. Cause and Effect
4. Lesser Known philosophical proofs
C. Proofs from the Fathers
D. Scientific considerations
E. Papal Pronouncements

II. The Nature of True Love
A. Metaphysical Foundations
B. Emotional/Psychoanalytic Dimensions
C. Behavioral Manifestations
D. Physiological Effects
E. Distinguishing True Love from its Counterfeits

III. How I know Demetrios Loves Me
A. Proofs from his words
1. Spoken words/oral tradition
2. Written words
a. love letters
b. text messages
B. Anaylsis of his actions
1. In public
2. At home
3. In the bedroom
C. Body Language
D. Facial Expressions
E. Analysis of various kinds of smiles
F. Secret Signals

IV How I know I love Demetrios
A. The Pros and Cons
V. The Concept of Marriage

VI. History of Our Romance

VII. How our Love Plays out in Daily Life

VIII. The Role of Children and Pets in our Love

Well, that’s about all I’ve worked out so far. No details yet for anything past Chapter Three and need several more chapters on things like “Jobs, Work and Play in our Romance“ and “Our Marriage and the Potential Threats to It” and something about the role of home, automobile, travel, and yardwork. Oh, and obviously, a section on "Examination of Proposed Improvements." Anyway, whaddaya think so far?

P.S.) According to the counter I set up, as of this date, we've been married 18 years, 8 months, 4 weeks, and 1 day. (Take that, ye who thought it would never work!) Unfortunately, I have not kept a log so as to be able to include in the book a daily synopsis of our marriage.


s-p said...

Actually, I love it! Theology meets Oprah meets "People Expos-ay" :)

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I'm so glad you like it.

I'm planning to organize it by Parts, Chapters, Sections, Sub-sections, and numbered paragraphs for easy reference.

"How about Paragraph 4872 after dinner tonight, my sweet?"

"Paragraph 4899!"

"Well, there's always aspirin for that."

"True. Well, let's think about 542 first."

"Seven thousand twenty-four!"

"No, seven thousand twenty-five!"

"Oh, yeah, that would be better. Well, anyway, I lo- um, I mean, 2375 very much! In the sense of the entire Chapter Two."

Anonymous God-blogger said...

Your NEXT book?

Did I miss the first one? Where is it? I want it!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

You're so kind, Anon. First book is still in draft form and I haven't even looked at it in a year. Must get back to it SOON!