Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Christ-centered, Cross-focussed...

... and Scripture-saturated

If anyone wants to attend a service that fills this description, the Orthodox services on Thursday and Friday nights are incomparable. Literally; you will find nothing like them anywhere. Of course, any Orthodox service has more Scripture and scriptural references than you'll find elsewhere, but these two stand out especially.

Thursday night there are 12 Gospel readings dealing with the arrest in the garden through the death of Jesus, and the first few are quite long. Intersperse these with prayers and hymns and you get at least two hours worth.

Friday night, who can describe? You truly just have to be there. Come prepared to stay for as long as it takes.

In Greek churches, the Enkomia (high praises, usually mistranslated, "Lamentations", are set to hauntingly beautiful music.

Participate in both services and you will be able, forever after, to answer "YES!" when asked, "Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?" Yes, you will have been there. Yes, you will have become a firsthand witness of these awesome events.

Consider yourself invited.

P.S.) You do not have to cross yourself, kiss any icons, or do anything that may make you uncomfortable. Nobody will notice what you do or don't do.


amy said...

Amen! =-)

123 said...

The vesperal liturgy on saturday mornin has huge chunks of biblical content,too, e.g., the entire book of jonah as one reading among many.

DebD said...

I agree.