Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Mutterings on Evolution

"Thousands or millions of generations, that's how long it takes for one species to branch out from another. So where are all the fossils? They lived for millions of generations, and we don't have a single fossil for so many so-called intermediate life forms?"

"If life just happened by chance, and if the changes happened by chance, then there's no need for further explanation. In fact, there's no possibility of further explanation; it's just chance. In other words, it isn't scientific; there's no science involved, any more than if we say God created life, to which they object because it isn't scientific."

"I'm reading this whole book on how vision works in the human brain, and even a whole, thick volume can only give us a rough outline of all the processes involved. Vision alone is so complex it would take forever for it to evolve by chance and natural selection - and vision isn't even a billionth of what all goes on in the human brain! No, literally nothing short of infinite wisdom could create that."

"I've discovered the Missing Link! The Missing Link between the apes and Homo sapiens! It's these mad, so-called scientists!"


Rosko said...

"It's these mad, so-called scientists!"


Anam Cara said...

If we say a prince turns into a frog, that's a fairy tale. But when a frog turns into a prince - that's evolution!