Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cat Obedience?

So we were sitting in our sun room with a friend when we noticed a lovely cat sitting in the corner of our yard.  "Oh, look at that!" exclaimed Demetrios. 

"What a gorgeous cat!"  I said.  She was white with a lot of black markings, very symmetrical.  Her fur was long, tail huge in circumference.  She had black eye rims and a pink nose. 

The cat looked in our direction, and I said, "Okay, cat, it's been nice seeing you, but we have a bird feeder, so you can skadoodle now."

The cat moved near the back fence and began walking.  When she hesitated, I called out, "No, don't stop!  Keep on going!"

The cat did.

"Now leave!"  said Demetrios as she neared the corner of the yard. "Up you go."

The cat jumped to the top of the fence.

"Look before you leap!"  I called.  "Look left!"

The cat looked left.

"And right!"  I said.

The cat looked right.

"And straight ahead..."

And the cat looked straight ahead.

"Okay, good!  Now jump!'

The cat leapt off the fence into the neighboring yard and was gone.

Demetrios and I looked at each other and smiled.

It only took Allison a few moments to figure it out.  We've watched this cat come here every day for months and her routine never varies.