Friday, February 18, 2011

New E-mail Address

As of right now, my new e-mail address is:


The only difference between this and the previous address is that "verizon" now appears where "comcast" was.

We switched because Verizon, unlike Comcast, will FREEZE our account while we are away and charge us nothing.  That will be a huge savings.

Our monthly billing for the bundle is also a bit less.

AND, unexpected bonus, a fiber optic router just when my Linksys router had given out, and the equivalent of a TVO - ability to record programs, starting from the beginning even if  you forget to record it until well into the show, or record whole series, pause and restart live TV, play it in slow motion, see your computer on your TV screen, check local weather with two clicks, and much more. 

We don't watch much TV, so don't know whether we will use many of these cool new features, but WAY COOL is what they are!


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

After the "anastasiatheo", that's zero-zero-one.