Saturday, May 14, 2011

Asia House, Part 1

or, How the Other Half Lives

"Asia House", a beach house in Corolla, N.C. (the Outer Banks) is now called something else, but never mind; it is still by far my favorite house of all-time, and Demetrios agrees. We visited it numerous times with my daughter, Erin, and her husband, Jeff, and went camera-crazy.

You can make the pictures larger by clicking on them, and doing so is the only way to get any proper appreciation of what you're looking at.

I have dozens of these pictures, and (mostly for my own pleasure, but I hope perhaps for yours, too), I'm going to share many of them in this and succeeding posts. This house, which was to be sold as is, is crammed full of decorating ideas! Not everything is something I would have chosen - in fact, most of it isn't! - but I'm so glad someone else did.

"Asia House".  Top level:  L-R, Kitchen, Master
Bedroom & Bath, Guestroom & Bath. 
Mid-level;  More guest rooms and baths.  Bottom: 
garage, rec room, bath for pool.

Floor of Entry Hall

Waterfall / Humidifier in Entry, Bird Theme Matching Tile Floor

Sculpture, Landing Between Entry Hall and Lower Level

Landing between Entry Level and Main Level

Living Room, Main Level.  Demetrios Below, Jeff in Loft Above
Decoration on way up to Loft

The Loft.  From Loft Windows, Ocean and Sound are Both Visible.

View of Living and Dining Rooms from Loft

Pretending We Own the Place.  Note Funky (but it was Beautiful!) Pink Floor Lamp.

Living Room

Pretending Again to be at Home


elizabeth said...

wow. I looked at all the posts. I wonder why it is being sold; what a lot of time and expense went into that house. Fun to see the pictures of you and family there; it is fun to do things like that...

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Glad you enjoyed them, too!

I'm sorry; I seem to have left a mistaken impression. These pictures are about 5 or 6 years old and the house has been sold twice since then. (Yes, we keep track!)

At the time, it had been decorated to the hilt, no expenses spared, in an attempt to sell quickly. At $800,000, it was still way over-priced - at least for us. And that was BEFORE the housing bubble burst.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My daughter and I loved all the photos- that's what I call a house :-)