Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Offending Mythbusters Busted: Take Warning!

Your intrepid Mythbusters Team has road-tested and de-bunked the following myths:

Myth:  I'm just keeping up with the traffic, and besides, most of it is speeding even more than I am, so if the cop is going to stop anybody, it will be the more egregious offenders.

Myth:  Just as I thought; I see the cop pulling over the other guy, so that means I will be spared this time.

Your ever-daring Mythbusters Team, travelling along a highway known as a speed trap, saw the hidden police car too late to apply the brake and passed it with a good deal of apprehension.  The police car, however, did not move.  The Mythbusters Vehicle, in the left lane, proceeded half a mile, breathing a sigh of relief, before suddenly spotting the blue lights in the mirror and pulling into the right lane. 

The cop car zoomed past it, lights blazing. 

"Oh, thank goodness," the Mythbuster Driver was heard to mutter.

The police car raced on for another half mile before pulling another driver over onto the shoulder.  However, the cop did not pull over, but left his car in the middle of the highway.  He got out of his car and began directing traffic:  You pass, you pass, you stop, you go, you stop, you stop... And before he was finished, he had pulled over the entire column of offending vehicles.

Myth:  Being detained by a traffic cop is going to delay you approximately 15 minutes.

The Truth:  Multiply that by the number of drivers being ticketed.


GretchenJoanna said...

This serial ticketing thing happened to my husband on vacation in Arizona some years ago - very humiliating! :-)

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

It's expensive!