Monday, May 16, 2011


This year, I wasn't able to rehab any wildlife because we were planning (still are) to leave before I would have been able to finish raising any little orphans.

So as there's nothing of my own to share with you, I thought you might enjoy photos of some of the animals my friend and fellow-rehabber, Chris, has helped and then released in the past few years.

Chichuahua Puppy.
Chris has added raising orphaned puppies and kittens lately.

Juvenile Little Brown Bats, Here Seen Larger than Life.

Woody.  He and his brother Chuckie lived with Chris a long time.

Fawns.  Chris still has on the bandage from where the Great Blue Heron
took out her eye.

Red Fox Kit - Oops, make that a Gray Fox

Great Horned Owl

Chris called these chicks her "Vulturettes," but this is actually a Turkey Buzzard.

Skunk Kittens

This is the one view of a skunk you never want to see!  But no, Stinky
here is just exploring the sofa.  If he were getting ready to spray, his tail
would be standing straight up.


Weekend Fisher said...

They are sooo cute. Except maybe the skunks ... I have a mental block about skunks.

Take care & God bless
Anne / WF

elizabeth said...

very cute but a bird took out her eye, as in no more eye? Lord have mercy!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Hey, skunk kittens are the cutest things!

Yes, Elizabeth, as in no more eye. I wrote about it here: