Saturday, May 14, 2011

Asia House, Part 4

Or, How the Other Half Lives

Guest Bathroom 4 and We're Not Done Yet!

Guest Bathroom 4

Second Sink, Same Guest Bathroom 4

Guest Bedroom 2

Guest Bedroom 2

Big Mistake:  We Forgot to Take More Photos of Guest Bedroom 3.

...Unless This Wall Decoration is in Guest Bedroom 3; Don't Remember

Rec Room on Bottom Level Near Pool, with Bar
Jeff Pretending to Enjoy Oysters on Ice.  (They're Fake.)

Pool in Back

Pool.  Note Funky Bench in Background!

..And Funky Bar

Guest Bathroom FIVE!  Darker Tiles on Floor Match Inner Rim of Pool.

Do Click to Enlarge this Shimmery Guest Bath 5.  It's Right off Pool.