Friday, April 13, 2012

Lamentations Before the Epitaphion, Stasis 3

I was hoping to share with you the beautiful first two parts as well, but couldn't find a decent recording.  Next year, God willing! 

(It's a catafalque, half-size.) 

Lamentations, Stasis 3

Every generation offers Thee its hymn of
praise at Thy burial, O Christ.

The Arimathean took Thee down from the
tree and laid Thee in a tomb
The myrrh-bearing women, with foresight
brought sweet spices and drew near to Thee,
O Christ.

Come, all creation, sing a hymn to honor
the Creator’s Burial.

Let us, with the myrrh-bearers, anoint as
dead the Living One with the Myrrh of True

O thrice blessed Joseph, bury now the
body of Christ the Giver of Life.

Joseph and Nicodemus bury the Creator
with honors fitting for the dead.

The All-Pure Virgin wept with a mother’s
grief, O Word, when she saw You lying dead.

The hosts of angels tremble at the strange
and fearful sight of Your burial, O Maker of

Early in the morning the myrrh-bearing
women came to You and sprinkled myrrh on
Your tomb.

By Your resurrection grant peace to Your
Church and salvation to Your people.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to
the Holy Spirit.

O God in Trinity, Father, Son, and Spirit,
grant Your mercy to the world.

Both now and ever, and unto ages of ages.

Grant us your servants to behold, O Virgin,
the Resurrection of your Son.