Friday, April 20, 2012

Under Attack?

It is said that God allows the demons to attack us for five reasons. The first is that, through being attacked and fighting back, we should learn to distinguish virtue from sin. The second is that having acquired virtue by struggle and labor we should keep it firm and unalterable. The third, that progressing in virtue we should not think highly of ourselves but learn humility. The fourth, that having experienced in practice the wickedness of sin we should hate it with perfect hatred. Finally, the fifth and most important is that having been freed from the passions we should not forget our weakness and the strength of Him that helped us.
- From our dear friend, the divine Elias, in England


Anam Cara said...

Thank you. I needed that today.

I have been reluctantly engaged in doing something I know is right - but it is SO hard!!!! And suddenly awful things have been happening to me and my family. I've started to feel like Job. Why is God doing this when I am being obedient? I've spent days wondering if God gives me any credit at all for my actions or if my reluctance negates it all.

Yesterday, after 3 unfortunate events (the first frightening, but resolved, the second just costing a lot of money, the third a disaster but, praise God, no one was injured) I came to the conclusion that we are under attack for the good that we are doing.

I now simply pray that as God stayed the hand of Satan so he could not take Job's life, He will put a hedge around us and preserve the lives of my family so that we will come through this, perhaps much poorer financially, but healthy and stronger in the faith.

All prayers are welcomed and appreciated!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Three unfortunate events, frightening, expensive, and disastrous, all in one day!

Yes, you and your family are definitely in my prayers.

BTW, Elias told me an hor ago that this quote is from St. Maximos.

Weekend Fisher said...

Praying, that you may be encouraged. Lord have mercy.