Saturday, September 8, 2012

Matlock Bath

Tuesday, August 28

We spent most of the day getting home from Cambridge via the scenic route (deliberately, this time).

Scenic is putting it mildly.  We went right across the Peak District, meaning the peaks of the Pennine Mountains.  The peaks are still green, so together with the blue sky they are gorgeous.  The highlight of our trip was our serendipitous discovery of the storybook village of Matlock Bath.  It's a collection of old stone buildings tucked away in the high folds of the mountains.  It was full of holiday-makers.  Next year we shall try diligently to be among them for a couple of days!

I wanted to post some pictures, but am having a great deal of trouble posting, when I am able at all.  (Using my own computer, I can sometimes get to my blog, and sometimes not.  Using the library's computers, I can almost always get to it, but several features, including inserting photos, are missing.) 

So here's a link with literally hundreds of snapshots of the village.  I hope you enjoy a few of them!


GretchenJoanna said...

What a great town - thanks for the link to photos!