Monday, September 24, 2012

Why I Love This Machine!

The vacuum cleaner we inherited with this flat virtually doesn’t work, so yesterday Demetrios and I were going to go out and get another. Something else came up for me and Demetrios went by himself. And all by himself he chose by far my favorite of any vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned. I have very seldom done product reviews in this blog, but I just love this machine, and here are the reasons:

• Its handle adjusts a full 18” in height, making it the only vacuum cleaner I ever had that was tall enough for me to use without paining my back. It’s of course also short enough for small people.

• Its suction is adjustable, so you can turn the dial low if you want to hoover your curtains. (You DO that?) Or you can vacuum the fringe of a rug without the machine eating it up.

• It has the strongest suction I’ve ever encountered. Three-quarters strength, the highest I’ve dared try so far, looks almost ready to lift the cushions off the sofa.

• This vacuum cleaner is quiet! Of course, the noise level does vary with the strength of the suction, but even so, it’s much quieter than I’ve ever seen before.

• It has a re-usable (cloth) bag.

• Its three attachments are all in one clever piece.

• I was able to assemble it without recourse to the instructions, a very good thing as there weren't any in English (although there were instructions in every Balkan language plus Russian).

• The whole thing quickly disassembles for easy storage in small spaces.

It’s a Samsung SC6170. The only reservation I’d have in recommending it to you is that it is meant for a quite small dwelling; the bag is only half the size of most. You might need to check for a model suitable for your own house.


Anam Cara said...

I looked it up - apparently isn't available in the US. Sadly it must be a European model.