Thursday, September 27, 2012


I dreamed Fr. Christodoulos was telling me my baptism/chrismation was not valid, because it had not been public enough. I protested that it had indeed been public, but he said a few invited guests and a few people from the parish who had come of their own accord did not make it public enough.

I was devastated. It meant I could no longer receive Holy Communion or have Confession. Worse still, I had never legitimately received those Mysteries at all. The dilemma was either to accept his pronouncement or to decide my beloved Fr. Christodoulos was some sort of fanatic, a nut case.

The next night I dreamed Demetrios was trying to decide whether he could any longer be Orthodox. After all, he said, “When it comes right down to it, can you actually prove there is a god?”

“No,” I said, “I cannot prove there is ‘a god’. But I can take you to Holy Apostles Church in Leyland where, unless your heart is completely closed, you will run headlong into the Holy Spirit, Who will make you aware of the living Presence there of Jesus Christ, and Christ will make known to you His Father, the God.”


Anam Cara said...

A night of nightmares!

I rarely dream in detail but last night I dreamed that (now at age 61) I was pregnant again. We'd had testing done and knew it was a girl. I wanted to name her Kallistra (one of today's saints is Callistratus!?!?!) I spent a lot of time trying to find my old baby tub, but realized I must have given it away (our youngest will be 26 years old this week!) I only bought one outfit to bring her home from the hospital in believing there would be a big baby shower and I'd be provided everything we need. (I need to stop reading about Sarah, Elizabeth, Anna, and Hannah.)

As much as a nightmare mine was, yours were far worse! Especially the first you related!!!!!! I think that one would have had me screaming in my sleep!

James the Thickheaded said...

I am so glad not to be the only nut case in the room that has "churchy" dreams! I guess mine have been good, not bad... which may mean no more than I'm still early in the game.

Okay... so if the bed is giving you a hard time, maybe it's time to try the couch?

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Anam, what a dream!!! I'd have been thrilled, I think. Maybe.

James, guess what? I HAVE been seeping on the couch for a week now. Coincidentally. It has a trundle bed under it, actually, which pops up to the same level as the couch and makes a nice double bed (or two twin beds).