Sunday, September 1, 2013

Did You Know You Can Probably View Your School Yearbooks Online?

Ah, memories!  These are from Meredith,  a women's college in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I was far more interested in the Civil Rights Movement, protesting the Vietnam war, and a certain charismatic man than in studying.  The result was, I married him and did not complete college until quite a few years later.

Poor Dr. Cooper, seated, my organ teacher, had the shock of hearing me say I did not like Bach!  Scandalized, he undertook to correct that, and succeeded, for which I am most grateful.

Nurses Edna Hurst and Lucy Saunders, with whom some of us freshmen had to live, in the infirmary, until places became available in the dorm.

  The formidable English faculty.   I was in Dr. Knight's class.  Her motto was, "Do not learn that you may earn, but earn that you may (afford to) learn (all your life)."  She shared a home with the equally formidable Dr. Rose.  Dr. Johnson, the elderly one, was legendary.

Dr. McLain taught me to think.

Probably the best-known of my classmates.  I remember her as a gracious and kind girl.