Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday, 15 September

Today was the last day of the annual International Fair.  We decided it was time, after all these years of missing it, to go today.  It is, of course,  mostly a display of the latest in technology, from computers to caravans (RVs) to cars, a Volkswagen that runs on natural gas and a BMW that runs on hydrogen ( in both cases, supplemented by gasoline).  This year there was a big emphasis on heating systems.  Here is my favorite, a fireplace that can be installed in virtually any house.  What I especially like about it is, it shows that fireplaces can come in almost any shape!

There were balloons and fast foods; there was a miniature train you could ride on, and here (if I can get it to load) is a video of some aerial acrobatics.

The pavilions are no longer set up by country, as there is to be only one country now, the EU.  They are set up by the category of exhibits instead.   Demetrios says he remembers the Fair having beautiful, stylish buildings.  Now they are rather cheap and dingy.

Demetrios says I walk like an old lady (which is sometimes true) and I simply, absolutely, must start walking a long distance every day to get back into shape or else.  Or else what?  Or else I am going to have severe problems a short while down the road.  Okay.  This was the start, a whole afternoon, even though I sat about half the time; that still makes two and a half hours of walking.  I still say it's arthritis, not weakness, that's my problem, but perhaps he's right.  I hope so.

We arrived home from the Fair around 5:30 or 6:00, and I spent the rest of the evening lying down.  Not a good idea, as I slept poorly during the night.

We really do have to keep going, even when our feet (and legs and back) hurt with every step.  Even when we think we would far rather just sit out the rest of our lives, we must force ourselves to keep going, keep moving, stay active.  I'm truthfully not sure WHY we must, but that's what everybody says, and I have to assume their collective judgment is better than mine.

Here are some books being sold at the fair.  How many can you identify?