Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taking a break in Stavros, Part 03

Here are some more photos from our trip, last week, to Stavros.  We are home now, and having all our floors re-done (except the kitchen floor, which comes next year, we hope).

Around town.

Old and new (satellite dishes)

A walk at sunset

 Can you see how, unfortunately, the swimming beaches are too close to the small port with the cargo ships?

Cargo ships

Small fishing boats.  The fishermen go out a way, shine a gas light into the water, and net the fish the light attracts.  The fishermen weren't going out for several days while we were there, on account of the full  moon.

The mountains feel close enough to touch.

On the right, Demetrios, flanked by out host and hostess, Leonidas and Ianna.  On the left, an old high school chum, Takis, with his wife Maria.

View from our table.


Leonidas, with his favorite picture.  It lights up and the water seems to flow.  It also has sound effects, flowing water and chirping birds.  Ianna won't have it in the house, so it stays on the front porch.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It looks a lovely place!

elizabeth said...

love these pictures! God bless and keep you!