Friday, September 20, 2013

Taking a Break in Stavros

Stavros is a seaside tourist town.  Holiday-makers come here by bus from places like Serbia or Lithuania or Czechoslovakia and rent rooms by the week.  The scenery is gorgeous and besides the main attractions, the sun and the clear, warm sea, there are cheap eateries, kiddie rides, and beachwear or souvenir shops.

Our friends, ianna and Leonidas, have a holiday home here in his hometown.  So the invited us to come Thursday and Friday.  

Today, Friday, we went to visit two of Leonidas' dozen siblings, starting with Ioannis, on his little ramshackle farm.

Here, chickens find shade.

Juvenile geese

Ioannis, with tomatoes behind him.

Bull calf, 100 days old today.  I asked how much longer before he becomes dangerous, and Ioannis scoffed.  He will always stay tame, Ioannis says, so long as you interact with him every day.

The calf's mother.  When I asked why the beaded necklace, Ioannis looked abashed and admitted it was to ward off the evil eye.  I'm sure he knows that's superstitious and wrong, but his attitude is, why take chances?  She's giving lots of milk now, and he wouldn't want anything to happen to change that.

Grape arbor.

More about today later!