Sunday, December 9, 2007

Coming Home


It’s been a busy few days, getting ready to come home: packing, cleaning, and the round of farewells.

Our new furniture came on Wednesday and we’re pleased with our splashy new sofa, which boldly proclaims, “Vacation!” and our new syntheto (wall unit) that houses the TV, plus glassware, plus other items, including my tiny canister vacuum cleaner, which previously had no home. This little flat, which to begin with was quite dingy, shabby and make-do, is beginning to look quite pretty and cozy. It has a lot of potential.

We shall miss our friends, our little flat here, our doves, Greek food, the sea, the general ambiance, the good weather and so much else. We shall rejoice (in the midst of pain) to see our family and friends in the U.S., and our two cats, and our newly-renovated house there.

My sister Barbara is still in the hospital, getting radiation treatments. We haven’t heard yet what the decision is on chemo. Once she is discharged, she will probably spend some time in a physical therapy facility (aka nursing home, where she will be the youngest patient by about 25 years) to try to walk again.

As soon as we get home and are reasonably recovered from jet lag, we shall visit my parents and sister.

It may be two or three days before I post again.


Elizabeth said...

Have a safe journey home.
Prayers continue for you all.