Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Additions to Blogroll

Two blogs I've recently discovered and wish to commend to your attention are Veni, Vidi, Credidi by jamesthethickheaded and Is God Anonymous? by, well, an anonymous blogger.

James has some articles that share the spiritual wisdom of Fr. Zacharias of Essex, England, which particularly recommend. Fr. Zacharias can give a person more spiritual edification in one hour than he might normally receive in a year!

On Is God Anonymous? you will find short, thought-provoking entries along with some beautiful, original artwork and I believe some deeply mystical poems. Also of special note are two recent posts on how to quench the Spirit and avoid intimacy with God.

P.S. The link to my niece's knitting blog has also been repaired. Check it out! She's witty and wise, an excellent writer.