Monday, April 7, 2008

RIP, Both of You

My sister Barbara was working as an intern on Capitol Hill when a very tall man came through the doors of "her" Congressman's office, causing quite a stir. There were professional photographers in attendance, and the whole staff was eager to have pictures taken with the visitor. All except Barbara, who at 6'4" herself, wasn't much impressed by height. When asked repeatedly, "Don't you want to have your picture taken with him?" she obliged. Two very tall people might make an interesting shot for somebody, she supposed.

(Dear family, does anybody know where that picture is now? Or have a copy of it?)

It wasn't until the developed photograph came back that Barbara realized what all the fuss had been about, and recognized the man with whom she had posed: Charlton Heston.

Update: Daniel, with whom I just spoke, says he has a copy of that photo somewhere. But it's horrible of Barbara, he says, and if the other person in it hadn't been Charlton Heston, he says, he would have "torn it up" long ago. I will still try to get it -- some day.