Friday, April 4, 2008

Cedar Waxwing and Other Successes

...if you can count 27 survivors out of an original 49 a success.

We DO!! It's a miracle any of them made it.

Amber is going to release most of the 27 remaining Cedar Waxwings on Monday afternoon. She has already notified the press and the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, both of which have been following their progress.

A few of the birds still don't have enough feathers for release.

I'm planning to attend the big event, and will try to post photos.

Meanwhile, Lucky, the Flying Squirrel, has suddenly almost doubled his intake of formula (presumably on account of being less afraid of me when I offer it) AND I have found empty shells from sunflower seeds in his bed. And crumbs of other munchies, too. So he is well on his way.

Beethoven, the Gray Squirrel who a few days ago wouldn't even slurp his formula from a bowl, now does and is nibbling on broccoli and apples, too, just like his foster brother, Mozart. They will be transferred out of doors as soon as weather permits.

Puer and Puella's eyes opened this morning. In a very few days, they will be ready for a wire cage, instead of the plastic box they now occupy.