Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Connor is Confused

So my grandsons started soccer a few days ago. Ryan (that's him on the right, I believe) ran around and had fun trying to figure out what to do. Connor (on the left?) found it stressful.

In the first place, as he complained to his mom, nobody would give him the ball! She told him that was the idea; he had to go and get it away from the others. But - but, but he didn't want to. You're suppoed to share!

Furthermore, it upset Connor every time another little tyke would fall. Connor would throw himself on the ground next to him and try to make sure he was okay.

None of this is anything like the values his parents have spent nearly four years now trying to instill in their children.

P.S.) Okay, I give up. I'm just not sure who's who un either of these pictures. I can tell them apart quite easily in person, but not at all in photos. Katherine? Care to leave a comment and help us sort out your boys?


Rosko said...

Thankfully my twin brother and I are Fraternal! It's nice to see a kid that actually appreciates good values such as sharing and caring for your fellow person!


Anonymous said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

James the Thickheaded said...

Good looking kids!
Reminds me of when my son and nephew used to race each other over their grandparents. At the time, my son, younger.. and a bit pokier (before he became the top athlete) wasn't winning much... so he said, "I have an idea: Two people can win." I've always loved it. Yes, kids do have good hearts by nature and teaching. Then of course, we "toughen them up".

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

The information comes from my dear daughter-in-law, Katherine. She writes us all the following:

Good Morning!

I saw the adorable posting of the boys on your blog. I read your post-script and tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't let me because I don't have a google account. Anyway, I thought you might be able to cut and paste my reply.

In the first photo, Connor is on the left and Ryan is on the right. In the second photo, Ryan is the one of the left and Connor is the one by the coach on the right. It is harder to tell them apart in photos, though it amazes us how many people still can't tell them apart when they are together ( in person). Many of my friends ( and some family members) will simply ask them , " Which one are you". Sometimes they tell them, but my favorite reply is when one of them will say, " I am me"!!

An interesting side story to the "sharing" dilemma came up when I was babysitting my friends son (Andrew), who is only 6 days older than the boys. They are all good friends and usually play together nicely. However, on this particular occasion I heard Ryan and Andrew fighting over a pirate telescope. The situation had turned into a tug of war. I was about to intervene when Connor came barreling in, and stood next to his brother. They both gave the telescope a mighty yank and successfully took it away from Andrew. There was a moment of silence, before Ryan and Connor looked at each other with complete realization of what they had done together. Then came these little devilish laughs and I saw the future change forever! They now know that two can get what they want over one!Heaven help us! The ironic ending to this incident is that after the momentary joy of getting the telescope away from Andrew wore off, they started to fight over the telescope themselves!