Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Flying Squirrel Picture

Here are Roscoe and Hankie. Roscoe is the grayer one; Hankie is browner.

Notice how blunt Roscoe's nose is, compared with Hankie's. That can be a symptom of Down's Syndrome, which afflicts squirrels as well as humans. I'm almost sure Roscoe does have Down's, from the way he acts, learning everything more slowly than his peers. He is definitely going to be mine permanently.

P.S.) The reason Roscoe's eyes are closed and Hankie's aren't is that Roscoe feels so at home in my hand he frequently snoozes while I'm holding him. I've handled Hankie a lot less, as he is destined for release in the Spring.


Anonymous said...

They are so sweet. It must be wonderful to be able to take care of those little babies.