Friday, October 3, 2008


I've been at my mother's, helping her get her paperwork and files organized, checking that she still has correct userids and passwords to get into her online accounts, and so forth. We went to her lawyer to revise her will and trust, we spoke with her financial advisor, etc. etc.

We haven't finished yet. There is still some more organizing/simlifying to do, and revisions to be made to her list of medications. There are a zillion forms to be filled out, most of which require you to attach to your reply a death certificate, birth certificate, marriage certificate, durable power of attorney, photo ID, and/or a quart each of sweat and blood.

Anyway, the upshot is, that's why I haven't posted lately and or felt like doing so.

I also keep busy with my orphaned wild animals. Current status: Only three of the larger ones left, the rest having been released. The remaining three are in an outdoor cage and are weaned. If the weather holds up another week or so, I will release them, as well; otherwise, they may have to winter over with me. There are currently two more tiny, as yet furless Gray Squirrels in my nursery, doing very well, and one of them extra pretty because she has a white nose. Mom named her Polka Dot; I call her Dottie. Her sibling remains unnamed so far. Latest addition is a flying squirrel whose 4 siblings all died after having been "rescued" by a person who didn't know what he was doing, but this last one is doing well. He has his fur, but his eyes haven't opened yet. He's lively and hungry and seems to be doing well. I named him Roscoe. A tiny thing, about half the size of a golf ball when curled up, he is unbearably cute.