Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why do we Vote for Crooks?

Ron Paul will tell you the truth. Bob Barr will tell you the truth. Ralph Nader will tell you the truth. Mike Gravel will tell you the truth.

Why is it that every one of these truth tellers comes across to us as somewhere in the spectrum between slighly kooky and totally nuts?

They aren't really. Closer attention shows them to be serious men. Ralph Nader, in particular, is highly intelligent, well-educated, well-informed, politically savvy, experienced, and articulate. And yet, we take none of these men seriously. I even heard someone say (about Barack Obama), "He's too honest!" - which recent events have shown him not to be, but that was the reason given for NOT voting for him!

Why is it we scoff at the honest ones? Why is it we don't want them, don't consider them qualified? Above all, WHY do they invariably seem to us like weirdos?


Anonymous said...

you MUST take one of the candidates who forced you to pay for the Wall Street bailout.

"The two parties should be
almost identical, so that
the American people can
'throw the rascals out'
at any election without
leading to any profound or
extensive shifts in policy."
-Carol Quigley

DebD said...

A - in a Nation that loves an underdog it is pretty amazing that at least one of these guys can't do a little better at the polls. Part of the problem is that ballot access laws are very hard for the little guy to get a chance...and then when they are dismissed or ignored by the 2 major parties- everyone looks the other way.


Barr Removed from LA Ballot

and Here:

TX Rules Against Barr

DebD said...

The other problem is that some of the lesser known 3rd Party candidates are kooks (like LaRouche or Gene Amondson just to name two). It's hard to be taken seriously when you're lumped in with those types.

Anonymous said...

Why not?

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Why not?

Do you mean you don't see the vast difference it makes, and/or don't mind?

Anonymous said...

None is righteous, not even one. :)