Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting Up

Or, Let's Have Pity Party

Wake up, pay attention. Something's wrong. Wha-a-a-t? Not getting enough air.

Open mouth. That's better. Ooh, that dry air stings the throat.

Touch forehead. Still no fever. I'll live.

Open eyes. No go. Only one opens. Dark spot on pillow. Oh-oh, nosebleed during the night.

What time is it? Squint. Ten fifteen. Church started at ten. Demetrios is there.

Sit up, take a swig of water. Better. Can I take any meds? Nope, not yet. You've taken all you're allowed for now.

Blow nose. Gently; don't want to get that bleeding going again. Ah, better.

Cough. Oops. That was your own fault. When will you learn, once and for all, you need to be careful when and where and how you cough?

Into the bathroom. Now cough all you like. Well, not quite. Remember not to gag. Change into fresh nightgown and undies. Wash hands very thoroughly.

Grab a tissue, moisten under faucet, wipe closed eye. Ohmigosh, is that blood on the tissue? No, just your finger poking through.

The eyeball is bloodshot, the skin around it pink and swollen. How'd that happen? You knew that had happened to Sydney and Erin, and you were so careful...

Head pounding. Can't take aspirin on empty stomach. Breakfast. Toast and jelly? Never get it past this screaming throat. Tea? Too hot. Orange juice? Too much acid; it'll burn. Need something cold. Cold, smooth, bland. Ice cream. Suppposed to be fasting. Forgive me, Lord. Chocolate ice cream and a banana it is.

Sit in sunroom to eat it. Bright sunshine, glorious. Prefer my shaded bedroom this morning. Sun seems to hurt.

Somehow, I will get ready for Thanksgiving. Somehow. No WAY I'm going to cancel this. First Thanksgiving without Barbara, without Dad, Barbara's daughters coming. Fr. Gregory (Hogg) lost his dad, too, and Pr. Snyder lost his mom, and our own Fr. Nick lost his dad the same week Barbara died... And Vera, my dentist, her father died the same week Dad did, and then there are all those soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and - no! Enough of that kind of thought. We will do this, even if I have to stay in bed the whole time and have everyone else cook!

Two aspirin with a full glass of water. Stop by computer and type this up. Why? No idea. Why not? And so, back to bed.


Elizabeth said...

You are really in the wars, aren't you ?
Sending many hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery to you........