Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What are Tonsils, Anyway, Mommy?

My grandson Ryan had his tonsils out this morning. Here's the latest from Katherine, his Mom:

Ryan's surgery went really well (besides the scheduling error that put us behind two hours). He was a real trooper and we got home around 2 o'clock. He is on some pain meds, but he is drinking and eating ice cream. The doctors and nurses said he was an ideal patient, go Ryan! He seems to be in good spirits. They did, however, reiterate to us that days 3-6 will probably be considerably rougher. As the throat heals it becomes much more painful. But for now I am glad it is over and am hoping Ryan will be ready to enjoy some turkey at Thanksgiving!

I will be interested to know how his twin, Connor, responds to this situation, and how Kelly does, as well, his sister.

No, we do not know why, in monozygotic ("identical") twins, one should have enlarged tonsils and not the other.