Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Evolutionary Grumblings

"This is not only the most unscientific stuff I've ever read, it's actually anti-scientific, in claiming that basically everything in nature happens by chance."

"Well, it's against science as you and I have always known it...What I mean is, there are trends in science, and the trend back when was to pre-suppose order in nature. Now the presupposition is that order is only an illusion, super-imposed upon the reality, which is chaos."

"No, that's anti-scientific! That brings science to a halt. If it's all chaos underlying everything, then there's nothing to investigate or learn about. It's also irrational. What could be more irrational than to try to discover and look into the "laws of nature" while denying that there really are any?"


Steve Robinson said...

Yep. In the end all physics are truly metaphysics.

Dixie said...

Seriously, your husband echos my thoughts on the matter. Entropy makes perfect scientific, empirical sense. Reversing it to explain macro evolution requires more faith than faith in a god.