Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kid Quips

Here are some of the latest cute things my grandchildren have come up with, from the facebook pages of their mothers.

From Katherine:

The boys came home with a "Guess Whose Mom I am " book, filled with answers written by all of the kids in their class. They had to say their mom's age favorite food, etc.. According to Ryan I am 15! Go Ryan! According to Connor, I am 81! On the upside he said that he wouldn't trade me for anything, not even mac-n-cheese!

From Erin:

My 4-year old [Sydney] told me she wanted to be homeless. When asked why, she told me she wanted me to teach her at home. "Oh", I said, "You mean home-schooled!" Yep, that was it!

* * *

We ordered Chinese takeout the other night and of course we got fortune cookies with our order. I explained to Sydney that the little piece of paper inside the cookie is supposed to tell you what is going to happen to you and that it was just for fun. She asked me if she ate the cookie, would it come true? I told her I didn't know, we'd have to see... She opened her cookie and her fortune said something like "You will lead a happy life." Sydney took a bite of the cookie, paused for a moment, and exclaimed, "It worked! It worked!!"

* * *

Sydney was visiting our neighbors Donna and Charlie and another little neighbor girl was there too. The two girls started pretending to sell cookies and asked Donna if she wanted to buy some. Donna said she didn't have any money. Sydney told her, "That's OK. Here you go. It's a credit card application!"