Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Latest News

I've arrived home. We are going out to supper with Vada's family this evening. Demetrios has known her three sons since they were small boys.

Meanwhile, my daughter-in-law, Katherine, is still sleeping virtually all the time, being awakened only long enough to eat and drink. For now, it's a blessing her medications make her so groggy. Erin (my daughter) is taking supper to their family.

I did get to see Katherine and Mark's children yesterday. Their other grandmother, Gail, picked them up from school and brought them to her apartment, where I joined them, and we all got to play for a couple of hours before they had to go home.

Kelly, 8, is going to be in her second-grade play tomorrow night and has a speaking part. I am very sorry to be missing it. Oh, well.

Sydney, 4, watched me knitting my latest blanket and said, "That's VERY BEAUTIFUL, Grandma! Who is it for?"

"Well, I don't know yet."

"Could it be for me?"

"You want it?"

"Yes, I DO!"

"Okay, sweetheart, it will be yours when I finish knitting it."

"I want to help you knit it!"

So into my lap she climbed, and with my hands guiding hers, she knitted about a dozen stitches. This morning she was all eager to knit some more, but there was no time; I had to get on the road. I promised to send her some knitting needles and yarn of her very own. I will buy her some fatter needles than she was using yesterday, and of wood or acrylic, because the metal ones are so slippery, and I'll rummage around my stash for some heavyweight yarn for her.

Another knitter! Prospectively, anyway. I'm so thrilled!

P.S.) Erin asked me, "Do you think that, except for you, I mean, Vada was the person closest to Demetrios?" and I thought about that a moment and realized, yes, she was - among Americans, anyway.


DebD said...

What a precious memory you have made for your little Sydney. So sweet. Prayers of comfort for Demetrios and Vada's family.

elizabeth said...

Very beautiful, the knitting.

love and prayers for all who have lost Vada...