Friday, September 24, 2010

A Partial Retraction

A few days ago I wrote a post extolling the charms of living at close quarters with other people. Well, what I wrote is true, but provided you have an adventurous spirit and adopt the right attitude. When you’re in a bad mood, as you’re apt to be when sick (like us these last 3 days) it all looks rather different.

Sometimes even if you’re in a good mood, it becomes a bit much. Case in point: The Drunken Duck, the bar next door to us, especially rowdy when its large-screen TV is showing a soccer/football game.

End of rant. Thanks for lending me an ear eye.


Kacie said...

True. My husband and I live with roomates... another couple. We share a two bedroom apartment in Dallas. It is very fun. But not always easy. :) That is life... community with real people is never easy.

DebD said...

that's not a rant that's reality. I know I'd have a very hard time living next to a bar.