Monday, January 10, 2011

Eye Doctor's Report

There are two pieces of GREAT news and three pieces of not-so-great, but not horrible or anything.

The best news is, my retinas are intact, undamaged. That was the biggest worry.

The next best news is, I don't need eyeglasses except the drug store kind I currently use. My distance vision is slightly impaired, but glasses wouldn't help. (Tip: Dollar Tree sells them for $1.00.)

That's because - here we begin the not-so-great news - the problem is "baby cataracts." Very early ones. Most people in my age range have them, and they are too small to present any problem worth dealing with now.

There's a large piece of connective tissue floating around in one eye, that has come loose from the optic nerve. I don't see it any more because it has migrated to the bottom of my eye, where it isn't bothering me. I forgot to ask, but I assume it will go away in due course. ??

And lastly, I have a mole in my eye! It's the size of a pinhead. The doctor thinks I've probably always had it and that it wasn't detected before because a GP doesn't have the specialized equipment.

Mole in the eye? Yes, you can have them there, same as anywhere else. And as with any mole, it should be monitored a bit to make sure it doesn't grow. So I have another appointment in 8 months.

Snippet of dialogue in ophthalmologist's waiting room:

Anastasia, daubing at her eyes with a tissue: "I'm not crying; I've got drops in my eyes."

Other woman: "Who can see whether you're crying or not?"


elizabeth said...

love the dialouge at the end! glad to hear it is not so serious... HUGS!

Weekend Fisher said...

I'm glad it's mostly good news. :)

Miss Tilney said...

The ending is very funny - and I am glad the good news outweighs the bad.