Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing Doing

or, No News is Good News

Nothing's wrong here; I just haven't had anything in particular to write about. Haven't received any more medical reports so far (will inquire on Monday) and have been devoting myself to, besides housework, trying to finish a big knitting project AND designing but not yet building my latest marble run. This time it's also going to have elements of a Rube Goldberg contraption. Not too much of that, though, as every Goldbergish stunt requires the gizmo to be reset.  (For example, if your marbles knock down some dominos, you have to set them up again before the next go.)  Well, I've been having fun with scissors, tape, toilet paper rolls, magnets, chimes, 1" clear plastic tubing, pulleys, weights, paper cups, and so on. 

Next week I hope to build the thing.  Just a couple more design elements to figure out first.  How to knock the hammer down without damaging hardwood floor, for example.