Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sobering Video

... or, Why Islam Will Triumph (Humanly Speaking)

This is well worth all of us watching. It's just demographics and our economy. It's an unintended consequence of artificial contraception.

Okay, so evangelizing can only properly be done from love, not fear. Still, everybody should check this out, I think.


Anam Cara said...

I've seen this before.

Things like this make me wish we had had more than our 4 children. And I wish that our children would have more children!

Part of our witness is our faith that that children are a gift from God, that He will provide for us.

I know there are valid reasons for small families. But many Christians today are instead saying: no more than 2 - we want our lifestyle, we can't afford more than that - we don't trust God for our needs and we want our wants. Some have fallen into the idea of zero population growth being a good idea instead of heeding God's admonition to be fruitful and multiply.

So we aren't "growing" them (Christians) ourselves and we aren't converting others who would see our faith at work.

Yes it is sobering, but it also makes me sad that Christians aren't more trusting of God.