Sunday, January 9, 2011

Updates and Fun

Julia and David have called to my attention that I haven't posted for about a week, and when last heard from, had some concerns re my eyes and my supposed osteoarthritis that may turn out to be something else.

So here's the scoop: I haven't had either of those medical appointments yet! I still don't know anything. I go to the eye doctor Monday (tomorrow), the earliest he could see me, and the GP for x-rays on Wednesday, and I'll let everyone know right away the results of each.

Meanwhile, I seem to see normally and I feel good.

AND, meanwhile, Demetrios has been keeping me very busy furniture shopping. We have finally ordered the furniture for our sun room, after three years of living in it with miscellaneous pieces of junk salvaged from other rooms where they were no longer wanted. But doing this took all week because of how difficult it is to find chairs small enough yet still comfortable - and of a style that will fit our room.

I've also - by way of distraction - been very much enjoying three websites new to me. One, sent to me by my neighbor, Frances, is a kind of miniature Youtube.  She sent me this particular hilarious video, showing a prank pulled off by twin sisters; but then I began clicking on the "PREV" and "NEXT" buttons and have found several videos I've bookmarked.  Some were informative and helpful, some cute, some amazing, some just very interesting.

Then someone on Facebook mentioned the Grand Illusions website, and I've explored every last delightful corner of it, I think.  It has fabulous, unique, (and mostly rather pricey) toys and magic gimmicks.  It also has a section full of optical illusions, some for sale, some just for you to enjoy.  I hope you do.

And then thirdly, I've been preparing to construct the best marble run/Rube Goldberg contraption I've done so far, and this video has been an inspiration, as have some of the other videos on the same site, the Gallery of Outrageously Complicated Rube Goldberg Contraptions.  I especially like the gizmo that makes martinis for you - or whatever that drink is (Video 6).

I certainly won't be able to build anything of this magnitude, but maybe I can adapt certain principles to a miniature version of some of the gimmicks.  My goal is to incorporate as many as I can.

Anyway, I hope you'll have fun with some of this stuff, and I'll check in again tomorrow.


elizabeth said...

glad to hear from you; keep us posted!