Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look What Chris Took In!

Here are some pictures posted Monday by my good friend, fellow wildlife rehabber, and mentor, Chris.

Little Brown Bat With Spinal Injury, Causing Genitals to be Extruded

Help!  I'm Caught!  Got a Human Tangled in my Hair! 
Note the Very Thick Leather Gloves.

Awww... That's Gotta be Sore!
Looks Like the Spinal Cord Injury Has Messed up his Feet, Too.

And as if that weren't enough for one day, an injured Corn Snake also arrived.

It's Harmless (to us) and Will Keep its Territory Free of Rats.


margaret said...

Poor little guy, can they fix him?

And the corn snake is very, very handsome.

DebD said...

you can send the corn snake our way. We have too many mice....

Like Margaret, I'm wondering if the spinal cord injury can be healed.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I believe about all that can be done is to administer dexamethasone for several days. If the problem is caused by swelling, either in the brain or along the spine, this med will help reduce the swelling. Four to six days should tell the story; Chris, having relatively few critters at the moment, will probably give it more time than that, in this case. Also because bats, she says, are her favorite animal to rehabilitate. (I, too, love 'em; they're so, so intelligent!)

She SAYS bats are her favorite, but it's squirrels she has to call me or others to come euthanize...